Meet Lisa

Lisa was born in Philadelphia, and is currently living outside of Middletown DE.  She has been in the commercial insurance field for over 25 years, and there is not much she has not come across when it comes to helping her clients find the best insurance.


Lisa has been involved in dog rescue for over 30 years and loves being able to help dogs in need, and their families.  Besides helping customers save money and increase their coverage, dogs, horses, nature, books, family, friends,  and the occasional movie bring joy to her life.  Let her see if she can bring some joy to yours.


Lisa Lathrop

Commercial Insurance Agent

Phone: 610-993-2055

Fax: 610-650-4339


Gabriel & Lisa


What Our Customers Say

"I'm so glad I found an insurance agency that had so many insurance company options for my business insurance.  Thank you!"


Raving Fans

Thank you so much for all the time and careful explanation you shared this morning --- You are SO knowledgeable and well spoken!

I have alerted State Farm that I have found a superior company/policy. So, let's proceed with our plan to begin coverage on Monday, July 22!

Many, many thanks again, Julie!

Cynthia Pierce

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